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Welcome to the World of Creations.......... This is a Forum for GFX Masters. Please follow the Rules.......... Be Active Here

Dear Members, We need more Active People on our Site though but most of the members aren't as active as we would like them to be.If you read or watch something posted in a thread, be courteous enough to leave a reply or at least thank the member who poster.. We are looking new Releasers and Moderaters for our site.We Need Your Help For The Future of Our Website

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    Active Members

    Post by Mr.GFX on 14/6/2009, 5:49 pm

    Active Members are special Groups at GFX WORLD.

    Members who are really active and can contribute for the overall growth of this community, make a new bond of friendship, achieve new goals in Community , and make GFX World - The Real World Of Kerala and the favourite site of Malayalies all around the World.

    What are the benefits of being an Active Member ?

    * Active Members have more privileges than Normal Users
    * More Stuffs in GFX
    * Exclusive Sections for Active Members
    * High Quality GFX only for Active Members
    * First on Net GFX
    * High Speed Download Links

    And How can You become an Active Member?

    * Start Interesting Threads / Polls
    * Post Replies to others Threads / Topics
    * Remember, posting multiple replys to the same thread won't help and may get infraction for that
    * Post your Comments / Feedback / Suggestions
    * Visit the site regularly, increase your Forum Activity
    * Interact with other Active Members / Staff
    * Follow the Rules
    * Share your ideas and thoughts in making this site better
    * Be Active in the Shout Box

    In Simple Words, Be a part of GFX World and this wonderful community.

    Requirements to become Active Member:

    * Quality Post count of 100+ (Posts exluded like "Thanks", "kollam", "jhgfddss" etc and multiple replys to same thread without reason)
    * Regular Visitor to this site
    * Atleast 5 - 10 Valid threads
    * You should be a member for atleast a week to become an Active Member

    See you soon with an Active Member Rank and added benefits.

    Enjoy your Stay @ GFX World

    So if are interested becoming an AM in GFX World..then request here...

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    Re: Active Members

    Post by nayanthara on 16/6/2009, 3:49 am

    thanks for information admins

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