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    Rules & Regulations


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    Rules & Regulations

    Post by Mr.GFX on 26/5/2009, 6:40 pm

    Rules & Regulations
    Please Read through this Disclaimer!

    1.) Refrain from using excessive profanity in ANYTHING or ANYWHERE in this website.

    2.) DO NOT post pornographic, illegal wares, or illegal software's.

    3.) Refrain from using abusive behavior against other members.

    4.) No personal attacks.

    5.) Do not Spam your posts.

    6.) No Racist Remarks.

    7.) Stay within the Forum category you post in.

    8.) No post should include Religious hatred/topics, or any topic that is degrading to another.

    9.) Refrain using more than one name.

    10.) Posting in wrong forums will either be deleted or moved to the correct one

    11.) Do not send abusive private message to other members.

    12.) Do not post our link on any other site or forum !!!

    13.) Do not register offensive names.


    By downloading content from this forum, you agree to the following :

    You own the actual license of the application(s)/game(s)/mp3(s)/movie(s).
    If you do not have the actual license, you must delete the downloaded content from your hard drive within 24 HOURS!

    If you find a mp3/movie entertaining or an application/game useful, we
    encourage you to purchase the track(s)/movie(s)/product(s) from the
    said makers/producers/developers!

    We will NOT be held responsible for any damage done to your system/computer as a result of downloading content from this forum.

    The creator of this site and the ISP takes no responsibility of how the
    information is put here and used. If you have somehow connections with
    the government, Anti-Pirate groups or similar groups, access to the
    files and reading them are prohibited. All objects on this forum are
    private and consequently, should not be read.

    The " code 431.322.12 of the Internet Privacy Act ", that was given a
    farewell 1995 by Bill Clinton says, you can't sue these persons, which
    administer these files. If you don`t agree to this agreements, you are
    forced to abandon from this site forever. We don`t take any
    responsibility for possible damages caused by these Links to Pages and
    other postings on this Site.


    • The only language spoken/written on this forum is ENGLISH and TAMIL (If Necessary!)
    • A "Thank You" would do if a post has been helpful to you!
    • Be an active poster in this wonderful forum (Post more THREADS rather than REPLIES)
    • Please post your topic in the correct forums!
    • Help out others, especially the new members!
    • Use the Search function before making a post/request to ensure there are no duplicate posts!
    • Respect the decisions of the staffs, as they are usually final!
    • If you have a problem with another member of this community, use the
    Personal Message ( PM ) button to tell a staff member ( Moderators or
    Administrators ) about the situation and we will try to solve it. Don't
    start a new thread just to purposely humiliate the other member. This
    will lead to a BAN!


    • Please post your topic in the appropriate forum!
    Failure to do so will result your topic to be moved and a WARNING will
    be issued if necessary which might lead to a BAN if this continues!
    • Please use the SEARCH button to ensure that the topic you are going
    to post has not been posted before. Failure to do so will result your
    topic to be merged or locked! A warning will be issued if necessary!
    • DO NOT MAKE DOUBLE POSTS! Please use the EDIT feature!
    • Please make sure the TITLE of your topic are clear! And we don't
    recommend members to use many symbols such as*^^@$!$#!#$& in the
    title of their posts!

    • We give the freedom to our members to use any size of avatars and
    signatures! But, if we find out that your signature/avatar is over the
    limit or 'way too big', then we'll BUZZ you OR will remove your
    signature/avatar immediately without notice!
    • You may not advertise in any way possible in your SIGNATURE! Please bear this in mind and don't misuse this privilege!
    • Strictly no PORNOGRAPHIC content in your SIGNATURE and/or AVATAR! If
    we find out, you'll be BANNED from entering GFX World immediately and forever!


    A maximum of 3 warnings can be given to a member of this forum.
    These can be earned by breaking any of the above rules.

    After the 3rd warning given, your account will be banned automatically!
    When you are banned, you cannot come back anymore! Unless you send an
    apology email to one of the admins and there is no probable cause that
    it will occur again!

    Here are some of the ways to get a WARNING or a BAN! :
    • Arguing with MODS/ADMINS. They have the WARNING and BAN button's, you DON'T.
    • Double-Post!
    • Repost!
    • Advertise other forums! (or SPAM!)
    • PM-Spam
    • Flame-Wars (Fighting / Arguing in a thread!)
    • Excessive Swearing

    We appreciate the time you took to read these RULES. Enjoy your stay here and please DO OBEY THEM!

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