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Dear Members, We need more Active People on our Site though but most of the members aren't as active as we would like them to be.If you read or watch something posted in a thread, be courteous enough to leave a reply or at least thank the member who poster.. We are looking new Releasers and Moderaters for our site.We Need Your Help For The Future of Our Website

    Looking for Mods and Releasers


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    Looking for Mods and Releasers

    Post by Mr.GFX on 26/5/2009, 6:39 pm

    Dear GFX World Members,

    As GFX World is slowly gaining popularity, it's been
    attracting new members frequently. But
    GFX World is not able to fully provide
    what we have promised. That is, we are not able to keep releasing the
    latest media in our site. We've noticed that many members just rely on
    Admins and other senior staff to do the posting. Well, this is not to
    be. We want all our members to actively participate in all forums.
    Doing so, u can earn higher ranks in our community.

    now we need some guys to be working as moderators for our site. As the
    number of members keep increasing, we need members to look after them.
    The admins cant always keep looking after the site, the posts, and the
    members all together. So those who think they can always set aside some
    time to visit our site daily, go through some of the posts made during
    the day and correct mistakes, report trouble makers, and such can PM
    any of the Admins. We'll be checking your activity and making you the

    The second thing is that, we require releasers who can release the
    latest and fresh media into our site. Members who do as such will be
    given special status in our forum. They'll be able to access a whole
    lot more features and also be the first ones to access the latest
    releases in the active members forum. So these members can also Reply

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