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    What is SPAM? Solution Here!


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    What is SPAM? Solution Here!

    Post by Mr.GFX on 27/5/2009, 7:15 pm

    This are examples of SPAM messages on forums :

    -> bgxfhgnhgj
    -> skdfjgösfgksglasgüs
    -> aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    -> name@name*.com
    -> *http://www.*

    - unusefull information
    - repeat everytime the same
    - Advertisements (of websites , products , and so on ....)
    - email IDs
    - website url IDs
    - Double Postings
    - Double Topics
    - Quoting of the full topic on this forum
    - only smilies messages
    - wrong posting
    - needlessly bbcode using

    Please behave and do not Spam, it is a hard work to remove everytime Spam messages from this site.
    If you do not follow , you will be banned from this site !

    Do not Spam in this forum , Spam hurts !
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    Re: What is SPAM? Solution Here!

    Post by Mr.CoP on 2/6/2009, 11:36 pm

    Thanks daaaa
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    Re: What is SPAM? Solution Here!

    Post by nayanthara on 14/6/2009, 8:59 pm

    thanks for use full infor mation admins

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    Re: What is SPAM? Solution Here!

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